The Frascione Fine Art Collection dates back from many generations, beginning in 1893 by virtue of the great passion for art of its founder, Enrico Frascione. The Collection has been handed down through four generations: it is now Federico Gandolfi Vannini, the great-grandson of the founder Enrico, who today owns and directs the Galleria Frascione Arte, established in 2009 in the prestigious Via Maggio, Florence. Federico, carrying on the great passion of his family, has further enriched the centenary heritage of the collection.

Frascione Arte specializes in Italian paintings from the 14th to 17th centuries, with a particular attention to the Tuscan School. Important art historians frequently collaborate with the Gallery; the most significant studies and researches are published in the art-historical journal “Cahier”, edited by the Gallery itself. The Gallery also regularly organizes special exhibitions, which have become part of the cultural life of the City of Florence.

Frascione Arte has developed over the years an important international clientele of Museums and Private Collections in Europe, East Asia and the United States of America.