(Florence, 1898 – 1976)

Composizione metafisica

oil on panel
48×60 cm

‘… a young Ethiopian wearing western clothes, but with a tribal hairstyle, is placed in a mysterious conversation with a silent nature composed by a split watermelon while a heavy curtain opens onto a sky covered with clouds and pearly glares …’, in this words Susanna Ragionieri describes the  artwork in ‘RAM. Fra Novecento e Metafisica. La Natura ricreata’. It is a masterpiece by RAM that can be dated between 1936-1938; it shows elements that recall the 1920s style of De Chirico, in which, however, the charm of the exotic, typical in Gauguin, is recognized.

RAM, the acronym for Roger Alfred Michahelles, was an international artist, able to represent the spirit of the modernity peculiar of the first half of the 20th Century. He has dealt with painting, sculpture, graphics, engraving, theatrical scenography, architecture and fashion. He demonstrated great skill in absorbing the many innovations of his age, taking from each what corresponded most to his idea of ​​Art.