(Antwerp, 1597 – Florence, 1681)

Portrait of Claudia de’ Medici

oil on canvas
65×50 cm

A refined portrait of the very young Claudia de’ Medici (1604-1648), future archduchess of Tyrol, portrayed before her marriage with Federigo Ubaldo della Rovere. The figure is represented with a sumptuous court dress and a string of white pearls around her neck. The portrait can be compared to the oval painting housed in the Philadelphia Museum of Art (Cat. 678) in which the princess is depicted a few years later.

The canvas can be traced back to Justus Suttermans, a painter of Flemish origin who worked at the Medici court in Florence. His works are present in museums throughout Europe thanks to the widespread practice of the Florentine family sending them as court gifts. In the portrait of Claudia de’ Medici – as in his best – the artist manages to combine an official style with realistic traits of humanity.