(Florence, 1551 – 1640)

Madonna and Child

oil on panel
75,5×63,5 cm

Jacopo Chimenti, lived between the 16th and the 17th Century, «fece in Firenze per privati cittadini molti quadri d’immagini di Maria Vergine con Gesù» as reported by Filippo Baldinucci in the ‘Notizie de’ professori del disegno’. Our oil on panel seems to be part of this kind of production.

The gentle figure of the Virgin holds the child with one hand while the other one embraces the young Saint Johannes. The scene unfolds into a suggestive rural landscape. Two proposed comparisons for the figure of the Virgin are the Portrait of a dame as Saint Margareth kept in a private collection in Empoli, and a drawing for the head at the Musée des Beaux Arts et d’Archeologie in Besançon. Similarly interesting is the detail of the rural building depicted on the background, which could be recognized in a studio by the same artist for the Supper at Emmaus of the Chapel in Villa Frescobaldi (GDSU, 3408 F).